Cultural and Development Association of Monaco

has for object:

  • to foster development relations and international cultural exchanges for adults and children through multiple activities, such as:
  • the organization of cultural and sports events (also in a charitable setting)
  • the organization of conferences, seminars, coaching sessions, training ...
  • the organization of exhibitions of arts, concerts, gastronomic events, galas etc ...
  • inform, educate and train children from 3 years old as well as parents in the linguistic and civilization fields of different countries
  • to familiarize the international community of Monaco with the economic and cultural life of the Principality, in particular of the responsibility of each one towards the environment in the protection and the respect of our ecosystem and Sustainable development

with the aim of contributing to the enhancement of the image of the Principality of Monaco and its outreach as a platform for cultural exchange and international developments.

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