Regression-to-cause is a very powerful therapeutic tool used in combination with hypnosis to uncover life events that are causing problems in today’s lives.

The subconscious mind connects with the initial situation or feeling of the childhood or in the womb to re-experience a traumatic event. With the help of the hypnotherapist, the uncovered experience is worked on and false beliefs or messages that have been created at the time of trauma are rectified. This allows the person to change their point of view and allows them to free themselves from old hidden blockages.

The regression can also be to empowering moments experienced in the past, tapping into the resources or talents that could be used positively in the present.

Spiritual, LBL or Past Life Regression

  • Have you experienced deja vu?
  • Do you have the repeating dream?
  • Why are you drawn to some people and not others?
  • Why do some places feel off limits?
  • Maybe you've lived before and would like to relive the experience?

Over 75% of the population believe in reincarnation...

Probably many of us have also read about other people's Near Death Experiences (NDE) - specifically about how their quality of life dramatically improved afterwards.

Past Life Regression (or PLR) is a spiritual approach that can empower many people's lives. Some of us are just 'drawn' toward this path of discovery.

The goal of any therapeutic regression is to help a person gain the ability to live one's life. Going to the past is not for the purpose of curiosity but for illumination and new decisions. Its intent is to help the client let go of the past and move on with their life right now.

Spiritual or Life between Lives Regression can uncover deep understanding of eternal nature of our soul and its timeless existence that will eliminate unnecessary fears and worries and bring playfulness and joy into everyday life of the person.

Seeing the spiritual perspective of a challenging relationship, a traumatic event or some difficult life circumstance normally fills the client with hope and renewed energy.

Here is the link to video where Janna explains about LBL and the regression sessions:

Some Client Testimonies here.

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