Emotion-image therapy

Emotion-image therapy is the unique method that allows to get back your vital energy from unproductive emotions, thoughts and internal mental dialogues. During this process the emotional energy stuck in your body is transformed and its power is given back to you. As a result you are not only getting freedom from your unwanted or toxic feelings, but generally feel more energized, peaceful, harmonious and self-confident.

The basic principle of this method is that a person is the whole complete energetic system (already determined in previous studies of psychoanalysis).

Emotional processes serve to express our psychic energies and drive an individual into certain reactions and actions.

This therapy is using theoretical and practical methods of different psychotherapeutic schools, starting from psychoanalysis to NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming). It was developed by Prof. Linde, PhD in Psychology, and successfully practiced for more than 20 years.

The main idea behind this therapy is that the emotional state can be expressed visually, auditorally and kinesthetically, and the consequent work with this image allows to transform the original emotional state.

This method has been successfully used by therapists to deal with situations of separation, loss, different relationship issues, depression, premature aging, psychosomatic symptoms, work with such emotions as anger, grief, fears…